Contadores e Cia






-  Corporate, financial and industrial accounting

-  Liquidity and financial plans

-  Support and advice for the current management

-  Accounting, economic and financial analysis

-  Budgets and financial statements


Corporate Accounting

Services range from simple coding and recording of account transactions with the preparation of financial statements, all the way to full business administration which includes invoicing, payments, processing of salaries and social security contributions, correspondence and more.


General Accounting

Bookkeeping services for businesses and freelancers. Planning to ensure that taxation and fiscal deadlines are met.


Financial statements

Advice and assistance for the preparation of financial statements for companies and groups in order to comply with the Civil Codes (Swiss law) and tax legislation relevant to the activities and financial operations of the organisation.


The specific services can be summarised as follows:

-  Payroll management including salaries, social security payments

   and other mandatory employee insurance payments


-  Drafts for medium and long term budgets


-  Analytical accounting and cost estimates


-  Preparation of annual budgets and financial reporting.


-  Acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate

   recovery and restructuring


-  Processing of agreements between trade union members


-  Requests for financing of projects (staging of the Business Plan)

   and investment calculations


-  Establishment of new businesses, industrial, financial 

   or commercial in Ticino and Switzerland


-  Assistance in the drafting of contracts with particular reference

   to the tax and financial implications


-  Management of industrial accounting