Contadores e Cia






Business area

-  Creation of a corporate business plan


-  Consultancy in the field of corporate law: constitution, modification

   and dissolution of individual companies, as well as partnerships,

   capital, consortia and joint ventures.


-  Advice and assistance for major transactions: acquisitions and

   sales of businesses, mergers, divisions, transfers and sales of

   complex business transformations, joint-ventures.


- Voluntary liquidation of the company. Advice for non-profit

   organization supports cooperatives, associations and institutions.


Administrative consultancy

-  Advice on organisational structure and accounting


-  Consultancy in the field of personnel management


Legal advice (consultancy)

-  Consultancy in the preparation of contracts and regulations


-  Relocation of companies and assets in close co-operation with

   a legal firm


Company incorporation

-  Establishment of share companies and limited liability companies


-  Transformation of limited liability companies to share companies

   or other entities



Analysis may for be undertaken for reasons such as selling, con-version, succession planning of a company, the study of the causes which led to a loss, the development of action plans, etc..

The types of analysis are as follows:

-  Liquidity analysis (liquidity plans, accounts of capital flow)


-  Profitability analysis


-  Development of financial and economic estimates


-  Appraisals


-  Valuation of companies


Contracts area

Preparation, registration and renewal of rental contracts (both properties & companies), leases and loans. 

We provide comprehensive services to individuals and businesses for legal advice, consulting and real estate contracts.


Economic Consulting / Recruitment of corporate officers

General economic consultancy for entrepreneurs and company directors. We act as a sparring partner, and a coach when making important strategic business decisions such as appointing members to the board of directors of companies that represent the interests of investors, banks, etc.