Family Office

The family office has been conceived as a global advisory service for families. Its purpose is to bring together and coordinate all activities concerning family asset management in one service.


Family Office proposes to jointly define strategies for achieving objectives in the field of private wealth, family continuity and business dynamics.


The goals of the service

The main goal of Family Office is to provide an expert service to meet the requirements of families, and business families in particular, consisting of:


-  protecting the assets a family has generated and built up over the

   years, often through business operations


-  developing family assets and thus maximising returns on capital

-  monitoring assets, by identifying and managing risk components

-  planning and coordinating social and charity aspects


Operating procedures

Family Office is based on Cordusio SIM Advisory & Family Office's rigorous service model, with an Integrated Plan designed to get to know the client family and analyse its assets. The plan has five stages:


-  Gathering information about the family

-  Family Mission Statement: representing the family's philosophy

   and identifying strategic actions to achieve its mission


-  Family goals: defining the family's goals

-  Risk assessment: analysing and assessing asset components

   (Account aggregation; Investment analysis; Family governance

   strategy; Family advisory; Estate and art review; Insurance review)

-  Operating plans: defining strategic actions for all areas of interest

   (Financial, Business, Property, Arts, Insurance)



About Family Office

Family Office is a service of Global Control Servizi Fiduciari SA

& Family Office, located in Via Balestra 9, 6900 Lugano TI (Switzerland).