Contadores e Cia






Administrative services, legal and accounting, financial and technical consultancy for rental properties and condominiums


-  Real estate advice


-  Evaluations and real estate appraisals


-  Assistance and project management for renovations


-  Mediations and real estate promotions


-  Specific issues relating to condominiums


Property management

Administration of residential housing, commercial properties and condominiums. The real estate administration is essentially of two types: administrative issues relating to tenancy and administrative issues relating to ownership.


a. Tenancy

Services include leasing of properties, initiation and termination of rental contracts and preparation of property reports. Liaising with the tenant to address problems of any nature. We determine the need for maintenance or improvement, and seek tenders for completion of the work required, supervision of work and payment of invoices. We arrange periodic inspections or interviews with caretakers in order to ensure that the property is maintained in good condition.


b. Ownership

In addition to the services in the previous paragraph, we assist with all aspects of property management on behalf of the owner. This includes bookkeeping, collection of rent, including, if necessary, appeals and disputes or the enforcement or eviction. Management and payment of invoices, preparation of statements of expenses and financial statements for taxation purposes and analysis of the profitability of the building. 

In addition, we issue notices of increases in rent. We make representation to the appropriate authorities in case of disputes. Specifically regarding condominiums, we organise payments of any additional fees that are associated with the maintenance of the building. We also make appropriate representation at meetings with other owners and stakeholders of that property.